Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sun Fire V490 and RSC not responding

I was preparing Sun Fire V490 server for our customer and I wanted to configure RSC controller at first to be able to continue my work remotely. So I installed RSC packages and run the following command:
  • /usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc/rsc-config
This command, or better shell script which is calling rscadm command from the same directory, is responsible for initial setting of RSC controller properties like network interface and serial port settings, notifications, users and so on. After a few questions are answered the script will flash the RSC PROM to activate the provided values.

My trouble appeared in the phase of PROM flashing. It finished unconditionally with some errors mentioning a problem with network interface settings. Then I tried to run the command again after checking the entered settings and ended with this error message:
  • rscadm: RSC firmware not responding
I tried to wait a few minutes at first because I supposed the controller is restarting. Then I tried to restart it with rscadm:
  • rscadm resetrsc
But with the same result like above. So I rebooted the server to OK prompt and tried to restart the RSC controller from it with the command:
  • reset-rsc
I booted the server to single user mode and tried the rscadm command again. Again without any response. Finally, I decided to flash the PROM by hand via:
  • rscadm download ../lib/images/rscfw
I run that command from the directory:
  • /usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc/
Finally, the flashing began and finished after a few minutes with success and I was able to proceed with RSC reconfiguration. Successfully as well.

I' m surprised how rscadm behaves. Any option ended with no response but download option used for RSC PROM flashing was still working and solved the whole problem. More about RSC (version 2.2) is published at How to download and install RSC is placed at

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