Friday, June 20, 2008

Red Hat prefers KVM to XEN?

Wow, the situation around Red Hat's attitude to the virtualization maze seems to be more clear now. I thought that Red Hat is going to support solutions based on XEN hypervisor. In 2007, they released RHEL 5.0 and it was their first distro with integration of XEN hypervisor. And I was looking forward to it.

But Red Hat considered the XEN to be immature as well. According to the article published at the main reason for such decision was acquisition of XenSource by Citrix and the collaboration between Microsoft and Novell and other vendors interested in XEN.

A few days ago, Red Hat unveiled their new virtualization strategy based on embedding the KVM hypervisor to their RHEL distro. The official announcement is published here and summarized some advantages of it.

I think it is interesting news but with many unanswered but important questions. Will they support both of hypervisors? Or are they going to support KVM only since now? What about their customers who already adopted the XEN in their environments? In my opinion, it will be quite difficult to make it mainstream. Let's wait and we will see...

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