Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quickly - RPM uninstall and scriptlet failure

Sometimes it happens that I'm not able to uninstall a RPM package because of some internal SPEC file errors related to the scriptlets. Last time it happened when I was uninstalling the HP OpenView Storage Data Protector packages from a RHEL server. By mistake, I uninstalled one package which was a dependency of another package and after that I wasn't able to uninstall it due to that dependency and due to it wasn't checked correctly. The whole uninstall procedure looked like this:
  1. rpm -e OB2-CORE-A.06.00-1
  2. rpm -e OB2-DA-A.06.00-1
And the produced error follows:
  • ERROR: Cannot find /opt/omni//bin/omnicc
  • error: %preun(OB2-DA-A.06.00-1.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 3
So, is there a way how to get rid of such a package? Yes, it is and it is simple, just disable executing the scriptlets like this:
  1. rpm -e --noscripts OB2-DA-A.06.00-1
I think it is pretty simple feature of RPM but it is a bit difficult to remember it.

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