Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quickly - how to determine the ESX host version?

In my opinion, the easiest way how to find out the ESX host version, is to log in to the service console and use the esxupdate command. The major version can be found in the file /etc/vmware-release. For example, it may contain:
VMware ESX Server 3
So, the major version is 3.x. To determine minor version is a little complicated. Run this command from service console:
esxupdate query
And try to identify patches with the following prefixes from the end of command output (the last one is the right one):
  1. ESX - the minor version should be 0, so we have version 3.0.x
  2. ESX350 - the minor version is 5, the version is 3.5.0
  3. 3.5.0 - initial instalation of version 3.5.0
The corresponding lines may look like these:
3.5.0-64607    16:25:29 05/27/08 ESX 3.0.x to 3.5.0-64607 upgrade
3.5.0-64607 10:42:31 08/06/08 Full bundle of ESX 3.5.0-64607
It remains to identify the update level. Use the same command as above and check the full patch name now:
  1. ESX350-Update01 - we have 3.5.0 Update 1
  2. ESX350-Update02 - we have 3.5.0 Update 2
The corresponding lines are:
ESX350-Update01    16:59:56 05/27/08 ESX Server 3.5.0 Update 1
ESX350-Update02 10:42:38 08/06/08 ESX Server 3.5.0 Update 2
Do you know another way how to reach the version? Beside this, I have found this knowledge base article.


Darwin said...

Another quick way to get the version of ESX, would be to run a:

# vmware -v
VMware ESX Server 3.0.1 build-32039

David Sumsky said...

That's perfect! Dou you know any other useful usage of the command?

miperi said...

Find the version: vistual center, click on the host, over tabs, u can see the name of the host and the version. ex., VMware ESX server, 3.5.0. 64607

Douglas Cowie said...

From the console, logged in as root:
esxupdate query | grep "ESX Update"