Thursday, September 11, 2008

VCB basic usage - introduction

Do you know about some useful guide which introduces VCB commands? In my case, I haven't find any yet. I found some articles about the topic which helped me a bit but no one was usable as a reference guide. So, I am still missing such a guide. Unfortunately, the basic usage of VCB commands is comprehensible.

I don't want to write anything advanced for now. Just basics, no SAN, no backup agents. Just to explain what VCB contains. Let's suppose we wanted to export virtual machine disk files or mount them to a Windows station and then to backup it. The backup will run over the network. We need to mount the images, backup them and unmount them after that.

So, which command do we have? Which can help us with the tasks described above? Let's explore them:
  • vcbvmname - connects to the VirtualCenter server and lists the available virtual machines
  • vcbmounter - allows to export/mount the virtual machine disk files to the backup station
  • mountvm - allows to mount the exported virtual machines disk files locally
  • vcbrestore - allows to completely restore the virtual machine disk files to the ESX host
The usage of the commands will be explained in the following article. Now, if you know about any guide focused on VCB usage, please, share it with us.

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