Sunday, May 15, 2011

VMware Data Recovery

How do you backup your virtual infrastructure based on VMware platform? Do you still rely on VCB? Even if the VCB is still supported and it is compatible with the latest ESX/ESXi hypervisor at version 4.1u1 it should be discontinued from the next release. So what backup tool to use in the future? 

VMware vDR is considered to be its successor and in my opinion, the latest release is working pretty stable without any major issue. It's missing some features now like email reporting or GUI FLR restore tool but I think we can expect the future release will include them as the competing backup tools don't miss such basic things.

But what I consider the most important for better adoption of vDR in datacenters is that VMware corrected their licenses recently and vDR is now included in Standard edition as well. This means that vDR is available in all vSphere editions except vSphere Essentials kit.

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