Monday, October 27, 2008

Virtualization leader

Will it be VMware? Or Microsoft? Or even Oracle? I think it is not right to say it will be this company or that. But it is clear that we can form some virtualization selection now which defines the leaders of actual virtualization market. I am pleased to use for it a screenshot provided by Gartner:

The most interesting part of the screenshot compares the number of deployed virtual machines by the specific virtualization technology. As we can see, VMware is still far away from the others. But have a look at VirtualIron or Oracle. Isn't it interesting?

As I don't know the source of the data used to produce the screenshot, I wouldn't like to deduce any great conclusions. I'm able only to say that VMware still rules and the others are coming. But one thing is clear - solutions based on XEN are strong and they have a great potential, haven't they?

In my opinion, It would be really cool to know the numbers of pure XEN installation - XEN in Linux distributions like SLES 10 or RHEL 5 and similar. Perhaps, we will be very surprised! The more detailed article which made me to write this short note was published at

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