Monday, October 13, 2008

VMware learned Hyper-V Quick Migration

Yes, the article headline is right. As you already know, there are a lot of discussions what is the difference between VMware VMotion and Microsoft Hyper-V Quick Migration. VMware VMotion is enterprise proven feature which allows to hot migrate a running virtual machine among ESX nodes forming a high availability cluster.

The Hyper-V Quick Migration is much simpler. It suspends the machine, cold migrate it (virtual machine saved state) to another host and unsuspend it. Do you understand the difference now? The Quick Migration requires some downtime depending on virtual machine state size - mainly size of memory.

But the reason I began to write the article is elsewhere. Mike DiPetrillo, a system engineer working for VMware, has coded a simple Powershell script which provides this feature to VMware VirtualCenter. The only prerequisite to use it is to install VMware Infrastructure toolkit for Windows. What does it mean for us? You don't have to pay for VMotion license and you can still quick migrate your virtual machines. Isn't the VMotion for "poor" cool tool? The script is published and described at Mike's blog.

Additionally, you can integrate the script into VirtualCenter with Icomasoft VI PowerScripter. The altered script compatible with VI PowerScripter is published at Icomasoft forum. Let's go to give it a try!

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