Wednesday, February 18, 2009

VMware vCenter Converter 4.0 was released

The previous version of Converter was at 3.0.3 for a long time. The new standalone version is much similar to the one included in Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 (VI 3.5).

Before it, there were available two editions - Starter and Enterprise where the second one is part of VI 3.5. Here are the additional features of Enterprise edition compared to Starter:
  • it supports multiple migration jobs
  • it supports cold migration
  • it is part of VI3.5 only (particularly VirtualCenter server)
What new brings us latest revision? It is free of charge, it has larger set of supported operating systems as source or it allows you to select the target virtual disks. Newly, it can migrate sources with RedHat, SUSE or UBUNTU Linux. Furthermore, it is able to power off the source after migration finishes. The more comprehensive comparison of the version 4.0 and the version included in VI3.5 is presented by this picture.

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