Monday, February 23, 2009

XenServer is free

It's unbelievable! Citrix decided to release their XEN based hypervisor and complete virtualization solution named XenServer for free a few hours ago (official announcement is here). The product was available in three editions until recently - Express, Standard, Enterprise and Platinum. The differences are outlined in the following table:

The Express edition was free of charge so far but it was missing some fundamental enterprise features like resource pools, live migration or central management console XenCenter. These features are paid. Or better, they were paid.

From now, we have only one edition of XenServer including features of enterprise edition. Everything is free and you can download it. Cool! You don't have to spend any money on virtual machines live migration, resource pools or central management stuff. What happens if we compare it with VMware ESXi? In my opinion, it seems the king might be dead. And the new king might be coming.

What do you think of it? What will be the answer from VMware? I think it is smart way how to show us that XEN based hypervisors are enterprise ready and how to spread it more. In connection with current economical situation they have the real chance to success.

Let me have final question. Who will need Microsoft Hyper-V now? If XenServer is free and because it is more mature and robust than Hyper-V what will be its new position? Today, the winner is Citrix. Tomorrow, the oponents might surprise us. But don't miss the opportunity today. Download XenServer and spread it!

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