Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SLES 11 released

Good news for SLES fans. The next major release of the product was released today. Together with SLES 11 was released enterprise-ready desktop SLED 11. Other two new products were announced as well:
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension - the products integrates clustering filesystem OCFS2, cluster-aware volume manger cLVM2, distributed replicated block device DRBD and Pacemaker Cluster Stack with OpenAIS messaging and member layer. Included DRBD version 8 supports active-active replication.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Mono Extension - the product provides open-source cross-platform .NET framework.
What other benefits does SLES 11 bring? As you could see above, it is more modular. Some features were bundled into separate products. The next follow:
  • it is based on GNU/Linux kernel 2.6.27
  • in addition to AppArmor, it is SELinux ready
  • it provides OFED 1.4 (more about it here)
  • package management is based on fast update stack ZYpp
  • SLES 11 is greener - it supports tickless idle which is able to leave CPU in saving stake longer or it provides more granular power profiles
  • it supports swapping over NFS for diskless clients
  • it supports partitioning multiprocessor machine by CPUset System
  • virtualization layer is based on Xen 3.3
  • it is optimised for hypervisors VMware ESX, MS Hyper-V and Xen
  • default filesystem is EXT3
  • it supports kexec, kdump or SystemTap
  • it contains many other enhancements of asynchronous I/O, MPIO, NFS or iSCSI
The official product documentation isn't available yet. The release notes are here.

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