Wednesday, March 4, 2009

VCB, vcbMounter, vcbRestore ... updated

I have added another article dedicated to VMware VCB and backups over Samba or Windows shares. Here is updated list of them:
  1. VM identification - how to identify a virtual machine you intend to backup? The command vcbvmname is the answer.
  2. VM full backup - how to perform a full backup of the chosen virtual machine? The vcbmounter command can do it.
  3. VM full backup data access - how to retrieve data from the virtual machine's full backup? It is possible to mount the backup image with the mountvm command.
  4. VM file level backup - the vcbmounter command is able to perform file-level backup as well.
  5. VM backup over NFS - this article describes a simple scenario of virtual machine backup over NFS protocol.
  6. VM backup restore - it is important to know the process of restoring a virtual machine from the backup. You can use vcbrestore.
  7. VM backup with Samba or Windows share - the other approach how to perform backups of virtual machines is to use Samba or Windows shares instead of NFS server.

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