Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SLES 10 update - Service Pack 1

Keep in mind, SLES 10 GA and SLES 10 SP1 are treated as separated products. We need to subscribe to new installation and update sources and repeat the previous steps with some little additions. My installation source of SLES 10 SP1 is part of update server. The update server is synchronized from official Novell update server with YUP proxy.
  1. Subscribe to SLES 10 SP1 installation and update source, then subscribe to catalogs
    rug sa ftp://suse.mydom.com/update/SLES10-SP1-Updates/sles-10-i586 --type yum update-sp1
    rug sa ftp://suse.mydom.com/update/SLES10-SP1-Online/sles-10-i586 --type yum install-sp1
    rug sl

    # | Status | Type | Name | URI
    1 | Active | ZYPP | online | ftp://suse.mydom.com/install/i386/sles10
    2 | Active | YUM | update | ftp://suse.mydom.com/update/SLES10-Updates...
    3 | Active | YUM | update-sp1 | ftp://suse.mydom.com/update/SLES10-SP1-Updates...
    4 | Active | YUM | online-sp1 | ftp://suse.mydom.com/update/SLES10-SP1-Online...

    rug sub online-sp1
    rug sub update-sp1
    rug ca

    Sub'd? | Name | Service
    Yes | online | online
    Yes | update | update
    Yes | update-sp1 | update-sp1
    Yes | online-sp1 | online-sp1

  2. First, install required Zenworks management Agent patch otherwise there is a risk rug won't be working properly
    rug in -y -t patch slesp1o-liby2util-devel
  3. Restart zmd service and perform update
    rczmd restart
    rug up -y

    Resolving Dependencies...

    The following packages will be installed:
    aaa_base 10-12.33.3 (ftp://suse.mydom.com/update/SLES10-SP1-Online/sles-10-i586)
    Downloading Packages...
    Transaction Finished
  4. Finally, move the system to SP1 version
    rug in -y -t patch product-sles10-sp1
  5. Check the system version

    CONCLUSION: System is up-to-date!
    found SLE-10-i386-SP1 + "online updates"
The result is we have system with SLES 10 SP1 and all required updates applied. It is recommended to reboot such system to apply all included changes (especially new kernel).

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