Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sun xVM Server 1.0 delayed?

Sun released their unified multiplatform management system for physical and virtual servers a few months ago but they still lacks of their own hypervisor called xVM. The release of xVM Server is planned during the first quarter of 2009 and it seems to be delayed now. Nevertheless, we can make some conclusion about the product now:
  • it supports MS Windows, Linux and Solaris guests
  • it is vmware compatible so you can directly use available vmware appliances
  • it has built-in web-based management
  • it supports virtual SMP (2 virtual CPUs)
  • it supports live migration
  • it supports resource pools
  • it should be released with GPL3 licence at no cost (that's not a surprise as it is based on XEN)
I believe it will be released as soon as possible. Today, there are available source codes of xVM only. Binaries will be available with the oficial release of xVM.

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